As you know, we're always looking for ways for people to be able to contribute to Docs, but we do understand that there's a certain amount of pain involved in dealing with Docbook. So to try and make this process easier, we're going to try an experiment.

What we've put together is a system where you can update a wiki with links to content in whatever form you've got it -- gist on github, wiki page, blog post, whatever -- and we have a dedicated resource that will turn it into actual documentation, in Docbook. If you want to be added as a co-author on the patch, make sure to provide us the email address you used to become a Foundation member.

Because we know that the networking documentation needs particular attention, we're starting there. We have a Networking Guide, from which we will ultimately pull information to improve the networking section of the admin guide. The preliminary Table of Contents is here: , and the instructions for contributing are as follows:

1. Pick an existing topic or create a new topic. For new topics, we're
   primarily interested in deployment scenarios.
2. Develop content (text and/or diagrams) in a format that supports at
   least basic markup (e.g., titles, paragraphs, lists, etc.).
3. Provide a link to the content (e.g., gist on, wiki page,
   blog post, etc.) under the associated topic.
4. Send e-mail to reviewers
5. A writer turns the content into an actual patch, with tracking bug,
   and docs reviewers (and the original author, we would hope) make
   sure it gets reviewed and merged.

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments.  Thanks!

----  Nick
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