On September 26, 2014 8:35:18 AM PDT, cor...@inaugust.com wrote:
>I'm pleased to nominate Sean Dague to the project-config core team.
>The project-config repo is a constituent of the Infrastructure Program
>and has a core team structured to be a superset of infra-core with
>additional reviewers who specialize in the area.
>For some time, Sean has been the person we consult to make sure that
>changes to the CI system are testing what we think we should be testing
>(and just as importantly, not testing what we think we should not be
>testing).  His knowledge of devstack, devstack-gate, tempest, and nova
>is immensely helpful in making sense of what we're actually trying to
>Please respond with support or concerns and if the consensus is in
>favor, we will add him next week.
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