Hi Folks!

Since I had to miss last week's meeting due to a last minute emergency, and
since it seems there was significant confusion over some of the items I had
added to last week's agenda, this week's agenda will actually be
essentially the same thing as last week's. Here's what we've got on tap:

   - Review progress on action items from last week
   - From blogan: Neutron lbaas v1 and v2 right now creates a neutron port
   before passing any control to the driver, we need to decide how Octavia is
   going to handle that
   - Discuss any outstanding blockers
   - Review status on outstanding gerrit reviews
   - Review list of blueprints, assign people to specific blueprints and/or

Please feel free to add additional agenda items here:

If you've been working on Octavia, please update our standup etherpad:

Beyond that, this is your friendly reminder that the Octavia team meets on
Wednesdays at 20:00UTC in #openstack-meeting-alt


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