One of the requirements placed on Ironic was that they must have a path
from Nova Baremetal to Ironic and that path should be tested. This
resulted in a "sideways" grenade job which instead of going from one
release of OpenStack to another, swaps out components within a release.
In this case the current Juno release.

When throwing this together for Ironic I went ahead and put a skeleton
job, check-grenade-dsvm-neutron-sideways, in place for testing a Nova
Network to Neutron "sideways" upgrade. This job is in the experimental
queues for Neutron, grenade, and devstack-gate at the moment and does
not pass. While it may be too late to focus on this for Juno it would be
great if Neutron and Nova could make this test pass early in the Kilo
cycle as a clear Nova Network to Neutron process is often asked for.

Random choice of current job result can be found at

The way this job works is it sets up an "old" and "new" pair of master
based cloud configs. The "old" side is configured to use Nova Network
and the "new" side is configured to use Neutron. Grenade then fires up
the "old" cloud, adds some things to it, runs some tests, shuts it down,
"upgrades", then checks that things still work in the "new" cloud. My
best guess is that most of the work here will need to be done in the
"upgrade" section where we teach Grenade (and consequently everyone
else) how to make this transition.


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