Not only ERROR state, but also VERIFY_RESIZE might have this kind problem has more info
so guess the server task stuff might be the right direction to those
problems ...

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From:   Chris Friesen <>
To:     ""
Date:   10/02/2014 03:05 AM
Subject:        [openstack-dev] [nova] formally distinguish server "desired
            state"      from "actual state"?

Currently in nova we have the "vm_state", which according to the code
comments is supposed to represent "a VM's current stable (not
transition) state", or "what the customer expect the VM to be".

However, we then added in an ERROR state.  How does this possibly make
sense given the above definition?  Which customer would ever expect the
VM to be in an error state?

Given this, I wonder whether it might make sense to formally distinguish
between the expected/desired state (i.e. the state that the customer
wants the VM to be in), and the actual state (i.e. the state that nova
thinks the VM is in).

This would more easily allow for recovery actions, since if the actual
state changes to ERROR (or similar) we would still have the
expected/desired state available for reference when trying to take
recovery actions.



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