These are the spec action items from the policy summit a few weeks ago. Some of 
these specs are in the process of being written. See for the 
merged specs and,n,z
 for the specs in review. If a spec is missing from below, you want to get 
involved on any of these specs below, are looking for help on writing your 
first spec, and/or looking for a status update. Respond on this thread. 

Granular/trigger-based datasource driver for ceilometer (Peter, yathi, debo, 
forbes )
Passing hints from congress to nova-scheduler so placement can leverage policy 
(Peter, yathi, debo, forbes)
Workflow description (Tim, Jim jimjunxu,yapengwu, rukhsana.ansari, nils.swart, 
Rukhsana, Nils, Cheng -- we'll split between overview & sources of truth 
Architecture Overview
Source of Truth
- Congress (pushes/publishes down)
- GBP (Congress validates/checks what GBP has)
- Hybrid (where group membership comes from GBP and contract comes from 
- Both (no single source of truth - possibly a migration scenario)
Translate to GBP --> "push to" (Alex, Cathy, Louise, Cheng, Helen, Hemanth)
Translate to Neutron Security Groups --> "push to” (Alex, Rajdeep)
Runtime support for change to Tier Table --> (pull or trigger fetch) (Tim)
Add trigginer infrastructure to Congress engine (Alex, cathy, louie)
Implement GBP triggering methods (Alex, cathy, louie)
Add GBP translators from "reachable" table to GBP trigger-tables. (Alex, cathy, 
Add language semantics to existing catalog (Sean, straz)
Group primitives (Sean, straz)
Temporal const (Sean, straz)

Note that these are not all the specs that we will be reviewing at the Kilo 
summit, rather just the ones from the Policy summit.

~ sean

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