Thank you to the electorate, to all those who voted and to all
candidates who put their name forward for PTL for this election.
A healthy, open process breeds trust in our decision making capability
thank you to all those who make this process possible.

Now for the results of the PTL election process, please join me in
extending congratulations to the following PTLs:

*  Compute (Nova)
** Michael Still
* Object Storage (Swift)
** John Dickinson
* Image Service (Glance)
** Nikhil Komawar
* Identity (Keystone)
** Morgan Fainberg
* Dashboard (Horizon)
** David Lyle
* Networking (Neutron)
** Kyle Mestery
* Block Storage (Cinder)
** Mike Perez
* Metering/Monitoring (Ceilometer)
** Eoghan Glynn
* Orchestration (Heat)
** Angus Salkeld
* Database Service (Trove)
** Nikhil Manchanda
* Bare metal (Ironic)
** Devananda van der Veen
* Common Libraries (Oslo)
** Doug Hellmann
* Infrastructure
** James E. Blair
* Documentation
** Anne Gentle
* Quality Assurance (QA)
** Matthew Treinish
* Deployment (TripleO)
** Clint Byrum
* Release cycle management
** Thierry Carrez
* Data Processing Service (Sahara)
** Sergey Lukjanov
* Message Service (Zaqar)
** Flavio Percoco
* Key Management Service (Barbican)
** Douglas Mendizabal
* DNS Services (Designate)
** Kiall Mac Innes
* Shared File Systems (Manila)
** Ben Swartzlander

Election Results:
* Cinder:
* TripleO:

Shortly I will post the announcement opening TC nominations and then we
are into the TC election process.

Thank you to all involved in the PTL election process,

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