> I recall that in the past there have been several calls for unifying quota 
> management.
> The blueprint [1] for instance, hints at the possibility of storing quotas in 
> keystone.
As an end-user: +1
For me it totally makes sense to put the quotas and access together.

> On the other hand, the blazar project [2, 3] seems to aim at solving this 
> problem for good
> enabling resource reservation and therefore potentially freeing openstack 
> projects from managing and enforcing quotas.
> While Blazar is definetely a good thing to have, I'm not entirely sure we 
> want to make it a "required" component for every deployment.

Totally agree, I'd rather not run more components running then strictly 
It is already quite a lot of work to test all components each time we do 
Adding complexity / more moving parts is not on the top of my list unless 
strictly necessary.

Robert van Leeuwen

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