Hi All,

I have a question about information used to determine if a host supports an 

The virt drivers all provide a list of triples of the form (architecture, 
hypervisor type, vm mode). Each triple is compared to the corresponding three 
image properties in a request in the scheduler filter called 
image_props_filter.py to determine if a host can support the given image. This 
information is held in a field in the compute_nodes table called 

I am adding the supported_instances field to the ComputeNode object. As it has 
a definite structure I want to make sure the structure is checked.

So here is my question:

Am I right in thinking that there are always three properties in each element 
in the list (architecture, hypervisor type, vm mode)?

As far as I can tell, these are the only values checked in the filter and all 
the virt drivers always generate those three. If so, is it reasonable for me to 
insist the elements of the supported_instance list have three strings in them 
when the object checks the data type? I don't want to restrict the structure to 
being strictly a list of triples if there might in fact be a variable number of 
properties provided.

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