At the moment the resource tracker in Nova ignores that statistics that are 
returned by the hypervisor and it calculates the values on its own. Not only is 
this highly error prone but it is also very costly - all of the resources on 
the host are read from the database. Not only the fact that we are doing 
something very costly is troubling, the fact that we are over calculating 
resources used by the hypervisor is also an issue. In my opinion this leads us 
to not fully utilize hosts at our disposal. I have a number of concerns with 
this approach and would like to know why we are not using the actual resource 
reported by the hypervisor.
The reason for asking this is that I have added a patch which uses the actual 
hypervisor resources returned and it lead to a discussion on the particular 
review (https://review.openstack.org/126237).
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