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Mike Perez

> On Oct 6, 2014, at 11:33, Mike Perez <> wrote:
> Some of you may already be aware of Sage Weil’s challenge to the open source
> storage community to raise the level of female participation in open source by
> contributing to the Ada Initiative [1]. I would also like to share about the
> Ada Initiative, and how they are helping open source communities like
> OpenStack. I’m also going to increase Sage’s original matching to $10,000 and
> extend a personal challenge [2] to the OpenStack community. If you already 
> know
> about the Ada Initiative, you can donate now:
> The current status of the campaign can be found here:
> The Ada Initiative has helped over two million women get and stay involved 
> with
> open source communities. The organization helps communities understand
> a culture that needs to exist in order to successfully achieve diversity. 
> While
> women make up about 30% of the software developer community, they only account
> for less than 10% of the open source community.
> On a personal level this is something that I have been actively committed to
> doing and I have had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer as a mentor at
> a couple of groups that are bringing diversity to the tech community. The
> PyLadies San Francisco group is providing exciting workshops [3] that will 
> give
> a foundation to women to expand on. The Women Who Code group is preparing 
> women
> for internship opportunities through the Gnome Outreach Program for Women in
> open source projects like OpenStack [4]. It's these experiences that led me to
> explore how the OpenStack community promotes diversity.
> Today the OpenStack community has been including a Code of Conduct [5] in an
> attempt to provide a safe, no harassment environment at our summits. We have
> events [6] that bring women together to talk about their achievements, to get
> others excited on what can be contributed to the community. Our participation
> in the Gnome Outreach Program for Women continues to grow with mentors eager 
> to
> bring out the talent of our selected interns [7].  Things are getting better
> but we have a long way to go.  The Atlanta design summit had attendance of 9%
> women, up from 7% at the previous Hong Kong summit.  But this number is still
> unacceptable, and as others have echoed in the community, we must work to make
> it better.
> This is a change I want the OpenStack community to be part of. I would like to
> kick start things with the community with a challenge for us to raise $10,000
> before Wednesday, Oct 8th, to which Sage and I will match that dollar for
> dollar!
> Thanks,
> Mike Perez
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