In today's Neutron meeting, we'll spend a portion of the time starting
to go over the Summit ideas we have proposed on our etherpad here [1].
The list is incredibly long, so I expect the process we use to select
our topics for Paris to include a lot of paring down.

I'd also like to emphasize that for Kilo, I expect the focus to be on
paying down technical debt. In particular, the core team will need to
help focus on finally getting some of the refactoring around things
like Pecan, tasks, etc. done. We'll also need to work closely with the
nova team on the neutron/nova integration points, as well as continue
to refine the short, medium and long-term migration story for
nova-network to neutron. In addition, I expect a focus to come in from
the NFV sub-team in OpenStack as well.

We'll discuss in more detail, but I wanted to give the broader
community an idea of where Neutron's focus will be for the next 6



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