On 07/10/14 09:19 AM, Anne Gentle wrote:
> I'm Anne Gentle (hi, Anne!) and I'm writing to announce my candidacy for
> the technical committee.
> I've served on the technical committee for two years and have been working
> on OpenStack since September 2010. I'm currently the Documentation PTL. I'd
> be honored to continue to represent the cross-project needs as well as the
> needs of the users, operators, and admins who keep an OpenStack cloud
> running every day. I've responded to the questions below so you can get to
> know me a little better. You can also see my review comments on the
> governance repo
> Please feel free to ask me questions and challenge my assumptions. I
> believe good leaders can take on the tough work and we all know there is
> plenty of hard work to go around.
> Thanks,
> Anne
> Topic: OpenStack Mission
> How do you feel the technical community is doing in meeting the OpenStack
> Mission?
> The technical community consists of a huge blend of people now, thank
> goodness, because the mission is a grand sweeping one for private and
> public clouds. Plus it has the word ubiquitous in it which makes it even
> more wide-reaching. We're making clouds for the planet and I feel we're
> tackling, blocking, clearing, and fighting hard to meet the Mission. We're
> struggling with the "simple to implement" but we have come a very long way.
> Topic: Technical Committee Mission
> How do you feel the technical committee is doing in meeting the technical
> committee mission?
> I feel the TC is supportive of the technical contributors to all the
> projects that make up OpenStack. We're constantly seeking ways to improve
> and challenge programs. We began to hold programs accountable for their
> integration. We pushed the limits of the definition of OpenStack by
> defining all code that a project maintains as part of OpenStack (defined
> sections). Yes, it was a defense on the side of our Active Technical
> Contributor community base, but it was a statement about our ideals -
> Openness, Transparency, Commonality, Integration, Quality.
> Topic: Contributor Motivation
> How would you characterize the various facets of contributor motivation?
> Contributors are motivated in different ways, but we're all humans and
> behave like humans do. In Peter Kollock's study of online communities, he
> found these motivating factors for participating: reciprocity, reputation,
> sense of belonging, efficacy, and need. All of these make sense to me when
> put in the docs context, "why would anyone contribute to upstream
> documentation?" and I can also draw maps and correlations to the overall
> reasons why contributors work on upstream. We need to be aware of what
> happens when the "need" stems from corporate motivation, but I know that
> OpenStack is a great community to work within and that I can do my part to
> demonstrate which motivations I want to encourage in our community.
> Topic: Rate of Growth
> There is no argument the OpenStack technical community has a substantial
> rate of growth. What are some of the consequences of this rate?
> Hopefully by now you've seen me represent the cross-project ramifications
> of this growth rate over the years I've served on the TC. The docs program
> has had to adjust the expectations and educate incoming programs about how
> OpenStack documentation is not just project-by-project but an umbrella
> effort. People come to for OpenStack docs, not just nova
> or glance docs. I hope I have shown bravery in the face of the rate of
> growth and also pragmatism.
> Topic: New Contributor Experience
> How would you characterize the experience new contributors have currently?
> As an admin for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women for the last two
> years, I have helped with on-boarding new interns who have to have a patch
> in order to complete their application. Really, though, the previous
> interns do a lion's share of the work in on-boarding newcomers to our
> community. I think this is because their eyes are freshest to the
> difficulties you'll encounter while figuring out our unique processes. I'm
> also amazed at how a wonderful small community has grown up out of helping
> others learn, and that's been the best part about seeing new contributors
> coming in. We've done a lot to make installing git review easier and
> specifically setting up the gerrit remote. So the very first on-boarding
> experiences can get better. Now, the experience of those of us a few years
> in isn't great either as reviews are harder and harder to get through and
> our gate is stuffed full with patches wanting in. I think we can work on
> both experiences at the same time to make it better for all contributors.
> Topic: Communication
> How would you describe our current state of communication in the OpenStack
> community?
> Communication with such a wide, growing population can be difficult but I
> think we have the channels available with opt-in policies that make sense
> for our community. The TC listens on many channels, I know I'm subscribed
> to all the mailing lists without filters still, and we made a concentrated
> effort to write summary blog posts to let everyone (not just ATC listers)
> know what we're up to. We understand its importance and we have a lot of
> good writers and communicators on the TC who make communication a priority.
> Topic: Relationship with the Foundation Board
> The technical committee interacts with the foundation board on several
> different fronts. How would you describe these interactions?
> Our interactions with the Board include conference calls, in-person
> meetings, and IRC meetings. I personally find the in-person meetings
> valuable as it's easier to communicate in person with more rich feedback so
> you can get a sense of how the interaction is going. On IRC, there's a
> trade off in richness of input/output but there is also a precision in the
> typed phrasing, the ability to read back later while you have more thinking
> time, and an openness since anyone can read the interaction at any time.
> Our board has been quite solid and changed little over the years which has
> been helpful for building relationships over time. I know I can reach out
> to members and I have had members help me when I've asked for it. I sense
> we're all struggling with the growth rate and feeling like we can't be as
> agile as we used to. But we're all dedicated to an open cloud for all and I
> think that shared mission enhances our interactions.
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