Hi everyone,

Be sure to read the discussions on openstack-dev about scaling
documentation efforts across projects. Lots of great discussion on this

We've got a new gerrit dashboard for doc reviews that shows works in
progress as well as doc patches that have merged in the last week. Try it
for yourself with http://is.gd/M4wghC

This past week saw a lot of driver doc patches proposed and landing for
storage and Hyper-V updates. We're happy to review those but I think we're
carefully considering more pointers to outside documentation for driver
configuration so that driver maintainers don't have to duplicate
maintenance of docs. I'd love discussion on this point -- at the Ops meetup
for example, they suggested just pointing to the external sites for those
docs. Makes sense to me, but I want discussion.

In addition, the install guide work is ongoing. You can see the test matrix
here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/JunoDocTesting and note that testing
is not yet started on release candidates. Feel free to test and fill in the
matrix as you go. For the OpenStack dashboard (horizon) on Ubuntu, we're
awaiting updates for a python-xstatic package dependency.

Also the networking guide has a small subteam working on it. The TOC for
the networking guide is available at:
So far we have three blog entries and some test results back from Phil
Hopkins. We need more content for this guide so please do send it in with
any format you have.

The Foundation has offered web designers to revise our (aging)
docs.openstack.org site design and I met with them and Tom Fifield last
week to go over the requirements and scope of the project. Looking forward
to a refresh for sure.

For API documentation, I'm still working through a large change to remove
the docs.openstack.org/api documents and point to the reference page at
http://developer.openstack.org/api-ref.html. In this change I need to
propose patches for these projects specs repo:
nova (compute-api) v2, v2.1
swift (object-api) v1
glance (image-api) v1, v1.1, v2
keystone (identity-api) v2.0, v3
neutron (netconn-api) v1.0, v2.0
cinder (volume-api) v1.0, v2.0
Then I can delete the repos in the parentheses above.

Some projects don't have this type of document in a separate <service>-api
repo that I know of, which is just fine:
zaqar (marconi)

I hope this cleanup can move us forward in API documentation questions of
what docs, where to source and publish, and for whom do we write them. My
current thinking is that there should be specs written for and by
contributor devs, and also reference docs written for app devs by
contributor devs and api writers.

This week I'm at the Grace Hopper conference with 7,999 other women in
technology. Matt Kassawara has agreed to run the docs team meeting in
#openstack-meeting tomorrow at 14:00 UTC (09:00 Central). Agenda is here:

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