following are code analysis, only FYI

not sure fully understand the question, but I think
servicegroup/drivers/ might be a good place to look at
a timer function _report_state is called periodically ,when its updated,
the field will be updated

class TimestampMixin(object):
    created_at = Column(DateTime, default=lambda: timeutils.utcnow())
    updated_at = Column(DateTime, onupdate=lambda: timeutils.utcnow())

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From:   Gareth <>
To:     OpenStack Development Mailing List
Date:   10/08/2014 10:23 AM
Subject:        [openstack-dev] [nova] How does Nova update time for compute

Hi, Nova guys

I know that 'nova-manage service list' will output 'XXX' for compute nodes
is the time between api node and compute node are larger than
service_down_time. At the same time Nova update db cyclically. So my
question is how does Nova update that data? via crontab or something else?


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