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On 07/10/14 18:00, Julie Pichon wrote:
> I'm adding a couple of people on cc: with an interest in Ubuntu and
> SUSE packaging: the Horizon team would love to have your opinion on
> this (it came up during our weekly meeting).
> The current consensus is leaning toward removing the mo files for
> Juno RC2 (in a couple of days) rather than wait until Kilo, as this
> has been a pain point for (some/all?) distros for a while.

I'm in agreement that option a) is the best way to go; on the
assumption that compiling the message catalogs won't bring in
requirements for new dependencies, we can deal with that for rc2 in
Ubuntu for Juno.

> Thank you,
> Julie
> On 01/10/14 17:04, Akihiro Motoki wrote:
>> Hi,
>> To display localized strings, we need to compile translated
>> message catalogs (PO files) into compiled one (MO files). I would
>> like to discuss and get a consensus who and when generate 
>> compiled message catalogs. Inputs from packagers are really
>> appreciated.
>> [The current status] * Horizon contains compile message catalogs
>> in the git repo. (It is just a history and there seems no strong
>> reason to have compiled one in the repo. There is a bug report on
>> it.) * Other all projects do not contain compiled message
>> catalogs and have only PO files.
>> [Possible choices] I think there are several options. (there may
>> be other options) (a) OpenStack does not distribute compiled
>> message catalogs, and only provides a command (setup.py
>> integration) to compile message catalogs. Deployers or
>> distributors need to compile message catalogs. (b) Similar to
>> (a), but compile message catalogs as a part of "pip install". (c)
>> OpenStack distributes compiled message catalogs as a part of the
>> release. (c1) the git repo maintains compiled message catalogs. 
>> (c2) only tarball contains compiled message catalogs
>> Note that the current Horizon is (c1) and others are (a).
>> [Pros/Cons] (a) It is a simplest way as OpenStack upstream. 
>> Packagers need to compile message catalogs and customize there
>> scripts. Deployers who install openstack from the source need to
>> compile them too. (b) It might be a simple approach from users
>> perspective. However to compile message catalogs during
>> installation, we need to install required modules (like babel or
>> django) before running installation (or require them as the
>> first citizen in setup.py "require"). I don't think it is much
>> simpler compared to option (a). (c1) Compiled message catalogs
>> are a kind of binary files and they can be generated from PO
>> files. There is no need to manage two same data. (c2) OpenStack
>> is downloaded in several ways (release tarballs is not the only
>> option), so I don't see much merits that the only tarball
>> contains compiled message catalogs. A merit is that compiled
>> message catalogs are available and there is no additional step
>> users need to do.
>> My preference is (a), but would like to know broader opinions 
>> especially from packagers.
>> Thanks, Akihiro
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