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As we are moving into the kilo cycle and now that DepFreeze has ended the door
has been opened for adding tempest-lib to the requirements list:


Once that lands we'll be able to start using tempest-lib in projects. The first
use for tempest-lib will be for the CLI testing framework. The patch migrating
tempest to use the version from the library is here:


So, what does this mean for the future of the cli tests in tempest. By the end
of the cycle my goal is to hopefully have them completely removed from Tempest
and moved into each respective client repo. This is something that has been
discussed many times before and is finally going to be simple migration with
tempest-lib. This provides 2 large advantages, the first being we're starting
the process of slimming down tempest to be more targeted. The 2nd advantage is
that the restrictions on cli testing that have existed in Tempest will no longer
hold for project specific versions of the testing. It will be up to each
individual project to determine how and what they are they are testing, which
should ideally be a much larger set than the simple read-only tests which
existed in tempest.

These tests have always been out of place in the tempest tree, which is all
about consuming and testing via the REST APIs, and we only added them originally
because it was a convenient location to do functional testing against a running
deployment. This is why they've had the restriction of being simple read-only
tests. However, it is no longer nearly as difficult to do this type of
functional testing with infra so there is no need to keep these tests in the
tempest tree.

For the time being I've gone through and blocked any Tempest patches that would
interfere with the patch that migrates to using tempest-lib for the CLI
framework. Once the tempest migration to using tempest-lib for CLI testing lands
I'll unblock any changes. As CLI tests are spun up in python-*client repos we
will remove the corresponding tests from tempest and add them to the functional
tests. New cli test proposals to Tempest will not be blocked until there is a
corresponding functional test suite is in the client being tested. But, I think
working on adding functional testing to the clients should be considered a
priority over expanding the tests in tempest.


Matt Treinish

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