So I have made an error, which hit my radar the other day and has
demonstrated itself to be true this morning (Eastern Daylight Time).

I have been operating with the understanding that a TC candidate needed
to have a commit to one of the OpenStack projects in order to run. (In
other words, they had to come from the electorate.) This is in error. A
fact that I smelled a whiff of in response to a question from Jay Pipes
in irc when I linked to the TC charter, particularly the line: "Any
Foundation individual member can propose their candidacy for an
available, directly-elected TC seat."
and then was front and centre of my attention this morning when working
with Tristan as new candidates are confirmed.

The information about TC candidacy eligiblity requirements on the TC
elections wikipage currently is wrong and I will change it as soon as I
finish falling on my sword.

I conferred with Thierry this morning and he has been operating under
the same assumption as well. We fixed the broken link to the foundation
by-laws on the governance wikipage and read them again. as
well as There
is information about the definition of ATC but none about the
requirements of TC candidates. So the governing document in this case is
the TC charter, which states that foundation membership is the sole
requirement for a candidate to be eligible to run.

I apologize for the confusion. In addition to this email and editing the
wikipage, if anyone feels I need to do anything more to address this
please contact me so that I may endeavour to do my best.

Thank you,

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