Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the development growing
pains in nova. Instead of guessing about how bad some of the issues are, I
tried to answer a few questions that may help us better understand the

Q: How many revisions does it take to merge a patch?

Average: 6.76 revisions
median: 4.0 revisions

Q: How many rechecks/verifies does it take to merge a patch (ignoring
rechecks where the same job failed before and after)?

Average: 0.749 rechecks per patch revision
median: 0.4285  rechecks per patch revision

For comparison here are the same results for tempest, which has a lot more
gating tests:

Average: 1.01591525738
median: 0.6

Q: How long does it take for a patch to get approved?

Average: 28 days
median: 11 days

Q: How long does it take for a patch to get approved that touches

Average: 34 days
median: 18 days

When looking at these numbers two things stick out out:

* We successfully use recheck an awful lot. More then I expected
* Patches that touch 'nova/virt' take about 20% more time to land or about
6 days. While that is definitely a difference, its smaller then I expected

Dataset: last 800 patches in nova
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