Hello All,

I am new to Openstack and trying to setup Devstack.
I am using ubuntu desktop 14.04 as os. I have cloned devstack sucessfully
from github.But while installing I am facing error :

It gives http error 407 and finally gives unable to download get-pip.py

which i found is error due to proxy authentication and all.
So I changed my local.config file to give proxy variables. I have already
set my apt.conf and environment files. I am attaching my local.config for
better understanding. Then i copied both local.config and local.sh from
sample to devstack folder as well still no success.
I have made changes according to the link:

Here is my terminal output when it fails:

Suggestion Please!!!!!!!!

*Shruti Sharma, Final Year, Computer Engineering*
*Malaviya National Institute of Technology*

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