IMHO we should have a proper way to reference external vendor specific 
plugins/drivers mostly because at least in Neutron we are considering to move 
ALL vendor specific code out-of-tree, again it is just a consideration not a 

So, having a place holder for that will make sense.



From: Anne Gentle <a...@openstack.org<mailto:a...@openstack.org>>
Date: Friday, October 10, 2014 at 12:18 PM
Subject: Re: [OpenStack-docs] [openstack-dev] Neutron documentation to update 
about new vendor plugin, but without code in repository?

On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 2:11 PM, Vadivel Poonathan 
<vadivel.openst...@gmail.com<mailto:vadivel.openst...@gmail.com>> wrote:


How to include a new vendor plug-in (aka mechanism_driver in ML2 framework) 
into the Openstack documentation?.. In other words, is it possible to include a 
new plug-in in the Openstack documentation page without having the actual 
plug-in code as part of the Openstack neutron repository?... The actual plug-in 
is posted and available for the public to download as Ubuntu package. But i 
need to mention somewhere in the Openstack documentation that this new plugin 
is available for the public to use along with its documentation.

We definitely want you to include pointers to vendor documentation in the 
OpenStack docs, but I'd prefer make sure they're gate tested before they get 
listed on docs.openstack.org<http://docs.openstack.org>. Drivers change enough 
release-to-release that it's difficult to keep up maintenance.

Lately I've been talking to driver contributors (hypervisor, storage, 
networking) about the out-of-tree changes possible. I'd like to encourage even 
out-of-tree drivers to get listed, but to store their main documents outside of 
docs.openstack.org<http://docs.openstack.org>, if they are gate-tested.

Anyone have other ideas here?

Looping in the OpenStack-docs mailing list also.

Pls. provide some insights into whether it is possible?.. and any further info 
on this?..




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