This came up briefly on the meeting yesterday, but I wanted to bring
it to a wider audience.

I know some folks out there are using the Heat templates I put
together for setting up a simple kubernetes environment.  I have
recently added support for the Gluster shared filesystem; you'll find
it in the "feature/gluster" branch:

Once everything is booted, you can create a volume:

  # gluster volume create mariadb replica 2 \
  volume create: mariadb: success: please start the volume to access data
  # gluster volume start mariadb
  volume start: mariadb: success

And then immediately access that volume under the "/gluster" autofs
mountpoint (e.g., "/gluster/mariadb").  You can use this in
combination with Kubernetes volumes to allocate storage to containers
that will be available on all of the minions.  For example, you could
use a pod configuration like this:

        - name: mariadb-data
              path: /gluster/mariadb
      - env:
        - name: DB_ROOT_PASSWORD
          value: password
        image: kollaglue/fedora-rdo-mariadb
        name: mariadb
        - containerPort: 3306
          - name: mariadb-data
            mountPath: /var/lib/mysql
      id: mariadb-1
      version: v1beta1
  id: mariadb
    name: mariadb

With this configuration, you could kill the mariadb container, have it
created on other minion, and you would still have access to all the

This is meant simply as a way to experiment with storage and

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