Hi, I've got a few questions that have been left unanswered on
Ask.Openstack and on the IRC channel.

How the topology may be affected by the ML2 API calls? In other words, how
would a "Create Network" call affect the actual topology? How is it

An example: Once we receive a "Create Network" ML2 API call we don't know
how exactly it reflects on ANY switch configuration. Supposing that we
received a create_network with the tenant_id = tid and we are using the
TypeDriver VLAN, should we create a VLAN on the swtich with vid = tid?

On a create_port API call should we add a specifc port -manually- to this
vlan? Another thing that comes to mind is that if is there a default port
or do we get the correct port from Neutron context?

Thank you
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