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> May be it's a bit too late, but in mid 2012 the FIWARE team developed a
> horizon clone 100% in Javascript. https://github.com/ging/horizon-js

Nice! I poked around a little in the repo and found no mention of Swift?

> [...] Portal has evolved and now it's more like a 'chroot' for safe
> execution of javascript apps. And we use it for our own OpenStack
> extensions (accounting, rating, billing, monitoring, advanced network
> management...).

Sounds cool!

> So maybe if you want to discuss about how to proceed in the future for
> a 100% javascript user interface, maybe we can talk about it in Paris.

I'm unfortunately not coming to Paris, but we can discuss this over
email. The ZeroVM mailinglist would be fine if it's too off-topic for
this list.

In the ZeroVM project, we're mostly (only really) interested in an
interface for Swift since we can embed the ZeroVM sandbox in Swift.

This gives you a Swift cluster where you can execute map-reduce jobs
(from untrusted clients because of the ZeroVM sandbox) directly on the
data. We like say that you can send the code to the data instead of
doing it the other way around.

So that is why I'm focusing on Swift now and will later add support for
starting these ZeroVM jobs to the browser.

Martin Geisler


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