TL;DR: A proposal for a template for launchpad bug entries which asks 
       for the minimal needed data to work on a bug.


As a new guy in OpenStack I find myself often in the situation that I'm
not able to work on a bug because I don't understand the problem itself.
If I don't understand the problem I'm not able to locate the source of 
the issue and to provide an appropriate patch.

As the new guy I don't want to flood the bug entry with questions what
it should do which might be obvious to other members. And so, wrt 
Igawas comment in the mail thread "[openstack-dev] [qa] Tempest Bug 
triage" ( I'd 
like to propose a template for bug entries in launchpad (see below). 

Even if I'm not able to solve a bug due to the lack of knowledge, 
reading the bug description written according to this template could 
help me build up knowledge in this area.

Maybe this or a similar template can be preloaded into the description
panel of launchpad when creating a bug entry.

What are your thoughts about this?

Markus Zoeller
IRC: markus_z

-------------------------- template start -----------------------------

Problem description:
# Summarize the issue in as few words as possible and as much words as
# necessary. A reader should have the chance to decide if this is in his
# expertise without reading the following sections.

Steps to reproduce:
# Explain where you start and under which conditions.
# List every input you gave and every action you made.

# E.g.:
# Prereqs: Installed devstack on x86 machine with icehouse release
# 1) In Horizon, launch an instance with name "test" an flavor "m1.tiny" 
#    from image "cirros-0.3.1-x86_64-uec"
# 2) Launch 2 other instances with different names but with the same
#    flavor and image.

Expected behavior:
# Describe what you thought what should happen. If applicable provide
# sources (e.g. wiki pages, manuals or similar) why to expected this.
# E.g.:
# Each instance should be launched successfully.

Observed behavior:
# Describe the observed behavior and how it differs from the expected
# one. List the error messages you get. Link to debug data.
# E.g.:
# The third instance was not launched. It went to an error state. The
# error message was "host not found".

# How often will the "steps to reproduce" result in the described 
# observed behavior?
# This could give a hint if the bug is related to race conditions
# Try to give a good estimate. 
# E.g. "4/5" (read "four times out of five tries")
# 5/5

# Which version/branch did you use?
# Details of the machine?

Additional data:
# Links to with content of log files.
# Links to possible related bugs.
# Things which might be helpful to debug this but doesn't fit into the 
# other sections.

-------------------------- template end  -----------------------------

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