As previously announced, we have now completed renaming of the
following Git repositories:

    openstack-infra/config -> openstack-infra/system-config
    stackforge/glance-formula -> stackforge/glance-salt-formula
    stackforge/keystone-formula -> stackforge/keystone-salt-formula

You will want to update your git remotes on any existing clones of
these repositories accordingly. Something like...

    cd git/openstack-infra/
    mv config/ system-config
    cd system-config/
    git remote set-url origin \
    git remote set-url gerrit \

For users of Gertty, James Blair has provided the following example
recipe for updating its database...

    sqlite3 ~/.gertty.db "update project
        set name='openstack-infra/system-config'
        where name='openstack-infra/config'"
    sqlite3 ~/.gertty.db "update change
        set id = replace(
            id, 'openstack-infra%2Fconfig',
        where id like 'openstack-infra%%2Fconfig%'"

Jeremy Stanley

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