On 10/13/2014 03:20 PM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> I’ve put together a little script to generate a report of the projects using 
> modules that used to be in the oslo-incubator but that have moved to 
> libraries [1]. These modules have been deleted, and now only exist in the 
> stable/juno branch of the incubator. We do not anticipate back-porting fixes 
> except for serious security concerns, so it is important to update all 
> projects to use the libraries where the modules now live.
> Liaisons, please look through the list below and file bugs against your 
> project for any changes needed to move to the new libraries and start working 
> on the updates. We need to prioritize this work for early in Kilo to ensure 
> that your projects do not fall further out of step. K-1 is the ideal target, 
> with K-2 as an absolute latest date. I anticipate having several more 
> libraries by the time the K-2 milestone arrives.
> Most of the porting work involves adding dependencies and updating import 
> statements, but check the documentation for each library for any special 
> guidance. Also, because the incubator is updated to use our released 
> libraries, you may end up having to port to several libraries *and* sync a 
> copy of any remaining incubator dependencies that have not graduated all in a 
> single patch in order to have a working copy. I suggest giving your review 
> teams a heads-up about what to expect to avoid -2 for the scope of the patch.

I've started on manila and python-manilaclient,

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