After today’s meeting, we have filled our seven session slots. Here’s the 
proposed list, in no particular order. If you think something else needs to be 
on the list, speak up today because I’ll be plugging all of this into the 
scheduling tool in the next day or so.

* oslo.messaging
  * need more reviewers
  * what to do about keeping drivers up to date / moving them out of the main 
  * python 3 support

* Graduation schedule

* Python 3
  * what other than oslo.messaging / eventlet should (or can) we be working on?

* Alpha versioning

* Namespace packaging

* Quota management
  * What should the library do?
  * How do we manage database schema info from the incubator or a library if 
the app owns the migration scripts?

* taskflow
  * needs more reviewers
  * removing duplication with other oslo libraries


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