I was discussing $subject on #openstack-nova, Nikola Dipanov suggested
it's worthwhile to bring this up on the list.

I was looking at 


and noticed there's no specific session (correct me if I'm wrong) that's
targeted at coordination between OpenStack <-> libvirt <-> QEMU/KVM.

Nova, as one of the high-profile customers (to borrow Nikola's phrasing)
of libvirt/QEMU/KVM projects, would benefit from better coordination and
to keep track of what's happening in the lower layers of open source
virtualization stack. Also, libvirt is the virtualization driver that
upstream OpenStack infrastructure relies on for Gating. (A relevant
thread[1] from openstack-dev list).

I have not attended an OpenStack design summit before, but if I have to
guess: this topic falls under libvirt driver/cross-project sessions or
some kind of unconference/BoF that's done on the fly while co-ordinating
notes in an etherpad. Correct?

On a related note, I just returned from KVM Forum/LinuxCon Europe. More
than a couple of developers expressed interest in closer collaboration
with OpenStack layer. For those not familiar, KVM Forum is a developer
event that mainly focuses on KVM, QEMU, libvirt projects and their
integration work. My report of the conference in plain text here[2].

  [1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/040421.html
      "fair standards for all hypervisor drivers"


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