On 10/20/2014 10:00 PM, Steve Kowalik wrote:
> With the move to removing nova-baremetal, I'm concerned that portions
> of os-cloud-config will break once python-novaclient has released with
> the bits of the nova-baremetal gone -- import errors, and such like.
> I'm also concerned about backward compatibility -- in that we can't
> really remove the functionality, because it will break that
> compatibility. A further concern is that because nova-baremetal is no
> longer checked in CI, code paths may bitrot.

This is definitely a concern, but since it's been removed from Nova
master the only thing we can do is set up the proposed CI jobs to deploy
stable OpenStack from master TripleO.  For the time being I think that
would be our best path forward.

> Should we pony up and remove support for talking to nova-baremetal in
> os-cloud-config? Or any other suggestions?

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