On 10/21/2014 04:51 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
The rationale behind two parallel data model hiercharies is that the
format the virt drivers report data in, is not likely to be exactly
the same as the format that the resoure tracker / scheduler wishes to
use in the database.

Yeah, and in cases where we know where that line is, it makes sense to
use the lighter-weight modeling for sure.

FWIW, my patch series is logically split up into two parts. THe first
10 or so patches are just thought of as general cleanup and useful to
Nova regardless of what we decide todo. The second 10 or so patches
are where the objects start appearing & getting used & the controversial
bits needing mor detailed discussion.

Right, so after some discussion I think we should go ahead and merge the
bottom of this set (all of them are now acked I think) and continue the
discussion on the top half where the modeling is introduced.



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