Hi all,

we are using Tempest tests to verify every changes in different OpenStack
components and we have scripts in devstack, which allow to configure
We want to use Tempest tests to verify different clouds, not only installed
with devstack and to do this we need to configure Tempest manually (or with
some no-generic scripts, which allow to configure tempest for specific lab

Looks like we can improve these scripts for configuration of the Tempest,
which we have in devstack repository now and create generic scripts for
Tempest, which can be used by devstack scripts or manually, to configure
Tempest for any private/public OpenStack clouds. These scripts should allow
to easily configure Tempest: user should provide only Keystone endpoint and
logins/passwords, other parameters can be optional and can be configured

The idea is to have the generic scripts, which will allow to easily
configure Tempest from-the-box, without deep inspection of lab
configuration (but with the ability to change optional parameters too, if
it is required).


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