Here are some docs highlights for this week.

HOT Guides: Gauvain wants a little more time with the HOT Guides before
making them publicly available, so those will probably come out after the

Cutting a stable/juno branch for docs: As publicized in this week's meeting
notes, our goal is to cut stable/juno branch for openstack-manuals on Oct
29 2014. Notes:

HA Guide: Looks like there's progress towards reviewing and getting that
team together, thanks.

Upgrade guide: There are patches under discussion to pull the Upgrades
chapter out of the Operations Guide and put into a separate guide. Please
join in the discussion on the openstack-docs mailing list thread if you
have input.

Soft freeze on <project>-api repos: Now that we're pulling the content out
of those and putting it into respective <project>-specs repos, we are
declaring a freeze on those repos. Reviewers, be aware of that.

Summit plans: Looks like we'll get a cross-project slot for docs, likely to
talk about how to scale docs efforts across many projects. Stay tuned for
the schedule. The TC is working through to get
those scheduled. We'll also have a pod, so we're using this etherpad: to organize those.
I've marked some topics there as "pod" topics.

Training team: I do want to talk about progress on the four things we
talked about after the last Summit:
I think you're at 2 out of 4, so I've added a note to the docs/training
topics etherpad linked above.

Enjoy your weekend.
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