With the recent talk about advanced services spinning out of Neutron,
and the fact most of the LBaaS community has wanted LBaaS to spin out of
Neutron, I wanted to bring up a possibility and gauge interest and
opinion on this possibility.

Octavia is going to (and has) an API.  The current thinking is that an
Octavia driver will be created in Neutron LBaaS that will make a
requests to the Octavia API.  When LBaaS spins out of Neutron, it will
need a standalone API.  Octavia's API seems to be a good solution to
this.  It will support vendor drivers much like the current Neutron
LBaaS does.  It has a similar API as Neutron LBaaS v2, but its not an
exact duplicate.  Octavia will be growing more mature in stackforge at a
higher velocity than an Openstack project, so I expect by the time Kilo
comes around it's API will be very mature.

Octavia's API doesn't have to be called Octavia either.  It can be
separated out and it can be called Openstack LBaaS, and the rest of
Octavia (the actual brains of it) will just be another driver to
Openstack LBaaS, which would retain the Octavia name.

This is my PROS and CONS list to using Octavia's API as the spun out

1. Time will need to be spent on a spun out LBaaS's API anyway.  Octavia
will already have this done.
2. Most of the same people working on Octavia have worked on Neutron
LBaaS v2.
3. It's out of Neutron faster, which is good for Neutron and LBaaS.

1. The Octavia API is dissimilar enough from Neutron LBaaS v2 to be yet
another version of an LBaaS API.
2. The Octavia API will also have a separate Operator API which will
most likely only work with Octavia, not any vendors.

The CONS are easily solvable, and IMHO the PROS greatly outweigh the

This is just my opinion though and I'd like to hear back from as many as
possible.  Add on to the PROS and CONS if wanted.

If it is direction we can agree on going then we can add as a talking
point in the advanced services spin out meeting:


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