On 2014-10-26 17:01:07 -0700 (-0700), Clint Byrum wrote:
> Hi everyone! We have a summit rapidly approaching, and to my knowledge,
> no key signing event planned. That is unfortunate, as the web of trust
> that we started building in Atlanta would be quite stronger as we add
> more European developers who I'm sure will be present in large numbers
> due to proximity.

I took the prior lack of discussion on the ML to imply interest in
repeating the exercise in an organized fashion was low. Those of us
who regularly engage in ad-hoc keysigning will likely already have
business cards or slips with full key fingerprints/names and
passports or similar ID with us already. Since the majority of the
OpenStack WoT is currently between release management, quality
assurance and project infrastructure teams, I proposed this is one
of the things which can go on quietly in the background over the
course of our shared meet-up on Friday.

If there is interest in doing another Sassaman-Projected Method
exercise at future events, a USB document camera would be useful to
procure in advance (my earlier experiment with the digital
microscope worked well in the lab but was not so successful in the
wild since I ended up lacking a tall enough stand to properly
encompass larger IDs and so had to try some pretty hacky
workarounds). There is relatively inexpensive equipment on the
market which does this sort of thing well and is compact enough to
easily bring in luggage, I just don't happen to have anything like
that on hand currently.
Jeremy Stanley

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