We're dealing with some issues on devstack pass through with really
complicated config option types, the fixes are breaking other things.

The issue at hand is the fact that the pci pass through device listing
is an olso MultiStrOpt in which each option value is fully valid json
document, which must parse as such. That leads to things like:

pci_passthrough_whitelist = {"address":"*:0a:00.*",
pci_passthrough_whitelist = {"vendor_id":"1137","product_id":"0071"}

Which, honestly, seems a little weird for configs.

We're talking about a small number of fixed fields here, so the use of a
full json doc seems weird. I'd like to reopen why this was the value
format, and if we could have a more simple one.

We're probably going to revert the attempted devstack support for pass
through of these things anyway, because it's breaking variable
interpolation in other config options. And the complexity added by
trying to add support for things like that in local.conf has shown to be
too much for the current ini parser structure.


Sean Dague

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