On Oct 29, 2014, at 7:30 AM, Philip Cheong <philip.che...@elastx.se> wrote:
> Yes, the aim is to get a vagrant-openstack provider plugin under Hashicorp's 
> or Mitchellh's github account. Whether you call that "official" or "blessed", 
> doesn't really matter.
> In order for Vagrant to integrate with other tools such as Packer there needs 
> to be a preferred plugin. Hopefully the owners of the other plugins will 
> agree to deprecate theirs so that an end can be put to the fragmentation that 
> has happened so far and direct contributors to the correct place. 

My advice would be: get started now; worry about others deprecating at the 
Vancouver summit. ;]

My experience has been that people who care look for people they know involved, 
popularity, and currency/signs-of-life. I'd bet that if you:

* Provide the plugin under a clearly related, "official" github account which 
has good reputation (either hashicorp or mitchellh work for this)
* Actively maintain it so the commit history shows signs of life
* Publicize it widely, from their blog as well as others

... you'll gain the momentum you want within 3-6 months.


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