On 10/30/2014 09:32 AM, Eoghan Glynn wrote:
>>>>> IIRC, there is no method for removing foundation members. So there
>>>>> are likely a number of people listed who have moved on to other
>>>>> activities and are no longer involved with OpenStack. I'd actually
>>>>> be quite interested to see the turnout numbers with voters who
>>>>> missed the last two elections prior to this one filtered out.
>>>> Well, the base electorate for the TC are active contributors with
>>>> patches landed to official projects within the past year, so these
>>>> are devs getting their code merged but not interested in voting.
>>>> This is somewhat different from (though potentially related to) the
>>>> "dead weight" foundation membership on the rolls for board
>>>> elections.
>>>> Also, foundation members who have not voted in two board elections
>>>> are being removed from the membership now, from what I understand
>>>> (we just needed to get to the point where we had two years worth of
>>>> board elections in the first place).
>>> Thanks, I lost my mind here and confused the board with the TC.
>>> So then my next question is, of those who did not vote, how many are
>>> from under-represented companies? A higher percentage there might point
>>> to disenfranchisement.
>> Different but related question (might be hard to calculate though):
>> If we remove people who have only ever landed one patch from the
>> electorate, what do the turnout numbers look like? 2? 5?
>> Do we have the ability to dig in slightly and find a natural definition
>> or characterization amongst our currently voting electorate that might
>> help us understand who the people are who do vote and what it is about
>> those people who might be or feel different or more enfranchised? I've
>> personally been thinking that the one-patch rule is, while tractable,
>> potentially strange for turnout - especially when one-patch also gets
>> you a free summit pass... but I have no data to say what actually
>> defined "active" in active technical contributor.
> Again, the ballots are anonymized so we've no way of doing that analysis.
> The best we could IIUC would be to analyze the electoral roll, bucketizing
> by number of patches landed, to see if there's a significant long-tail of
> potential voters with very few patches.

Just looking at stackalytices numbers for Juno: Out of 1556 committers,
1071 have committed more than one patch and 485 only a single patch.
That's a third!

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