> Matthew wrote:
> This would have the advantage of making tempest slimmer for every project
> and begin the process of getting projects to take responsibility for their
> functional testing rather than relying on tempest.

[much snipping]

> Sean wrote:
> Ok, so part of this remains to be seen about what the biggest bang for the
> buck is. The class of bugs I feel like we need to nail in Nova right now are
> going to require tests that bring up pieces of the wsgi stack, but are
> probably not runable on a real deploy. Again, this is about debugability.

So this notion of the biggest bang for our buck is an aspect of the drive
for in-tree functional tests, that's not entirely clear to me as yet.

i.e. whether individual projects should be prioritizing within this effort:

(a) the creation of net-new coverage for scenarios (especially known or
    suspected bugs) that were not previously tested, in a non-unit sense

(b) the relocation of existing integration test coverage from Tempest to
    the project trees, in order to make the management of Tempest more

It feels like there may be a tension between (a) and (b) in terms of the
pay-off for this effort. I'd interested in hearing other opinions on this,
on what aspect projects are expecting (and expected) to concentrate on


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