Hi all,

It was noticed in the past few meetings that the participation in the 
alternating time-slot of Thursday at 20 UTC (or called as "later time slot") 
was low. With the growing interest in Glance of developers from eastern 
latitudes and their involvement in meetings, please find this email as a 
proposal to move all meetings to an earlier time-slot.

Here's a poll [0] to find what time-slots work best for everyone as well as for 
the interest to remove the alternating time-slot aspect in the schedule.

Please be empathetic in your votes, try to suggest all possible options that 
would work for you and note the changes in your timezone due to day-light 
savings ending. Please let me know if you've any more questions.

[0] http://doodle.com/nwc26k8satuyvvmz

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