On 11/04/2014 01:08 AM, Heald, Mike wrote:
Thanks for that, Steven :)

So just to clarify, results are ordered by the relevant timestamps to
ensure consistent order and so that new records would never show on
previous "pages" and be missed, and we're limited to just a "next
page" navigation, and we cannot order the entire result set on any
column but the timestamps, as this would break the paging because we
can't do the comparisons we need to if the results aren't in that
order. Have I got that correct?

No, that's not correct. There's nothing limiting one from ordering on other columns than timestamp. We always ensure that there is a secondary order on a column with unique values (like the primary key), in order to ensure that pages of results are strictly ordered even when the sort field is non-unique (like timestamp).

We're limited to next-previous pagination by choice because of the scalability and performance limitations of a limit-offset pagination strategy.


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