Any day 16:00 UTC is fine with me.
17:00 UTC+ is quite late in India.

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Hi LBaaS (and others),

We’ve been talking about possibly re-schedulng the LBaaS meeting to a time to 
is less crazy early for those in the US.  Alternately, we could also start 
alternating times.  For now, let’s see if we can find a slot that works every 
week.  Please respond with any time slots that you can NOT

Monday, 1600UTC
Monday, 1700UTC
Tuesday, 1600UTC (US pacific, 8am)
Tuesday, 1700UTC
Tuesday, 1800UTC
Wednesday, 1600UTC (US pacific, 8am)
Wednesday, 1700UTC
Wednesday, 1800UTC
Thursday, 1400UTC (US pacific, 6am)

Note that many of these slots will require the approval of the
#openstack-meeting-4 channel:


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