On Wed, Nov 05 2014, Davanum Srinivas wrote:

Sorry I missed the session (had a talk at that time).

> At the Design Summit session for Oslo Library Graduation for Kilo, we
> decided that oslo.context was a high priority item since oslo.log was
> blocked. So here's a git repo [2], please take a look to see if this
> is good enough for us to open up a infra request.

A few comments, considering that:

- https://github.com/dims/oslo.context/blob/master/oslo/context/context.py#L28
  should switch to use oslo.utils.uuidutils to generate the UUID.
- The list of dependency is very short
- oslo.log (will) depends on oslo.utils
- oslo.log is the only user of that (out of the projects themselves)

What about just moving this into oslo.log or oslo.utils?

That would avoid the burden of having yet-another-lib for a 100 SLOC
long file.

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