Gosha – this is wonderful news. Complements Intel interest.
I am in the Glance area .. stopped by a couple of times, the room was available 
2 pm onwards.
Contact made and can continue via email and IRC.

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Hi Malini,

I am interested in OVa support for applications. Specifically Ova to Heat as 
this is whay we usually do in Murano project.

When is free format session for Glance? Should we add this to session etherpad?

On Nov 5, 2014 6:06 PM, "Bhandaru, Malini K" 
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Please join us on Friday in the Glance track – free format session, to discuss 
supporting OVF/OVA in OpenStack.


1)      How interested are you in this feature? 0 – 10

2)      Interested enough to help develop the feature?

Artifacts are ready for use.

We are considering defining an artifact for OVF/OVA.
What should the scope of this work be? Who are our fellow travelers?
Intel is interested in parsing OVF meta data associated with images – to ensure 
that a VM image lands on the most appropriate hardware in the cloud instance, 
to ensure optimal performance.
The goal is to remove the need to manually specify image meta data, allow the 
appliance provider to specify HW requirements, and in so doing reduce human 
Are any partners interested in writing an OVF/OVA artifact => stack deployment? 
Along the lines of heat?
As a first pass, Intel we could at least

1)      Defining artifact for OVA, parsing the OVF in it, pulling out the 
images therein and storing them in the glance image database and attaching meta 
data to the same.

2)      Do not want to imply that OpenStack supports OVA/OVF -- need to be 
clear on this.

3)      An OpenStack user could create a heat template using the images 
registered in step -1

4)      OVA to Heat – there may be a loss in translation! Should we attempt 

5)      What should we do with multiple volume artifacts?

6)      Are volumes read-only? Or on cloning, make copies of them?
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