On 2014-11-10 23:55:59 -0500 (-0500), Adam Young wrote:
> Um, yeah. What Zigo said.

Agreed. I tried out keybase.io (but not the insane private key
hosting obviously), was unimpressed and have since deleted my
account. I'll acknowledge that as someone who already doesn't use
social media and considers it a blight on the Internet as a whole, I
was likely not their target audience anyway.

I respect that they're trying to bring OpenPGP and
cryptocommunication in general to a wider audience, but sort of
thought the crypto community had already learned the "trust us with
your private key" lesson during the Hushmail incident of 2007. I
fear keybase.io is doomed to repeat that unfortunate bit of history.

For anyone who wants to find my public key, it's already in the SKS
pool and replicated to most other popular keyserver networks replete
with accumulated signatures.
Jeremy Stanley

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