I think it would also be interesting to hear for the Keystone folks that
are interested in attending OSSG and/or Barbican.  A few people have told
me they found the Keystone/Barbican overlap for the last mid-cycle to be
helpful, so it might be worthwhile doing again.

-Doug M.

Douglas Mendizábal
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On 11/7/14, 8:02 PM, "Clark, Robert Graham" <robert.cl...@hp.com> wrote:

>Hi All,
>How many people would want to attend both the OSSG mid-cycle and the
>Barbican one? Both expected to be on the west coast of the US.
>We are trying to work out how/if we should organise these events to take
>place at adjacent times and if they should be in the same location, back
>to back to reduce travel costs.
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