A few months back we started to work on a umbrella spec for Vmware networking 
support (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105369). There are a number of 
different proposals for a number of different use cases. In addition to 
providing one another with an update of our progress we need to discuss the 
following challenges:

  *   At the summit there was talk about splitting out vendor code from the 
neutron code base. The aforementioned specs are not being approved until we 
have decided what we as a community want/need. We need to understand how we can 
continue our efforts and not be blocked or hindered by this debate.
  *   CI updates - in order to provide a new plugin we are required to provide 
CI (yes, this is written in stone and in some cases marble)
  *   Additional support may be required in the following:
     *   Nova - for example Neutron may be exposing extensions or functionality 
that requires Nova integrations
     *   Devstack - In order to get CI up and running we need devatck support

As a step forwards I would like to suggest that we meeting at #openstack-vmware 
channel on Tuesday at 15:00 UTC. Is this ok with everyone?
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