Hi Gord,

  Seems this not work for me.  I've pip uninstalled all python-*client .
# pip list|grep -P 'python-.*client'
python-barbicanclient (3.0.1)
python-ceilometerclient (1.0.12)
python-cinderclient (1.1.1)
python-glanceclient (0.14.2)
python-heatclient (0.2.12)
python-keystoneclient (0.11.2)
python-neutronclient (2.3.9)
python-novaclient (2.20.0)
python-openstackclient (0.4.1)
python-saharaclient (0.7.5)
python-swiftclient (2.3.1)
python-troveclient (1.0.7)
# pip list|grep -P 'python-.*client'|awk '{print $1}'|while read pn; do pip 
uninstall -y $pn; done
Uninstalling python-barbicanclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-barbicanclient
Uninstalling python-ceilometerclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-ceilometerclient
Uninstalling python-cinderclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-cinderclient
Uninstalling python-glanceclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-glanceclient
Uninstalling python-heatclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-heatclient
Uninstalling python-keystoneclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-keystoneclient
Uninstalling python-neutronclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-neutronclient
Uninstalling python-novaclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-novaclient
Uninstalling python-openstackclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-openstackclient
Uninstalling python-saharaclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-saharaclient
Uninstalling python-swiftclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-swiftclient
Uninstalling python-troveclient:
  Successfully uninstalled python-troveclient
root@vnxslave2:~# pip list|grep -P 'python-.*client'

But devstack still failed with same errors.

Thanks and regards

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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [infra][devstack] CI failed The plugin 
token_endpoint could not be found

just an fyi, i had same issue. i 'pip uninstall'ed all the python-*clients and 
it worked fine... i assume it's something to do with master (as i had it 
configured previously) since devstack seems to pull in pypi version.

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