Here are several hints:

1. Brocade has implemented a service plugin [1] for vRouter using its own vyatta image(seems not free and open sourced), but you can read the plugin source code as reference.

2. Here's a new method [2] for L3 fabric. It's totally open source and can use any routing stack, like quagga or bird.

I've tested the second method. It works pretty well.
[1] [2]

Li Ma

On 2014/11/17 11:53, Vikram Choudhary wrote:

Hi All,

Can someone please help in clarifying below doubts regarding vRouter (say vyyata/quagga for example).

How we can use openstack framework for communicating to vRouters?

To be more precise:

·How we can make the communication between neutron and vRouter possible?

·How we can push vRouter related configuration using neutron?

It will be great if you can help us with above queries.



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