I’ve been working with the Poppy project[1] while they are designing their 
APIs. Poppy has a concept of a flavor. A single flavor resource has the URI, 

Poppy APIs refer to a flavor in their request and/or response representations. 
Some representations do this by using the flavor ID (e.g. 12345) while others 
use the flavor resource URI (e.g. {base}/flavors/12345).

In this context, I created a bug[2] to settle on one way of referring to a 
flavor across all API representations in Poppy. So the question to the API 
working group is this:

How should flavors be referred to in Poppy API representations? Some options to 

a) Using a “flavor_id” (or similar) property whose value is the flavor ID (e.g. 
b) Using a “flavor_ref” (or similar) property whose value is the flavor 
resource URI (e.g. {base}/flavors/12345),
c) Using a “links” property whose value is an array of links, one of which has 
an object like { “rel”: “flavor”, “href”: “{base}/flavors/12345” },
d) Similar to c) but using HAL[3] instead,
e) A combination of a) and c),
f) A combination of a) and d),
g) Something else?



[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Poppy
[2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/poppy/+bug/1392573
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